We’re not getting out alive. So, everyone needs an estate plan.

It’s our responsibility and privilege to decide what happens when we die or become incapacitated.

People are asking questions like:

  • Who will help me with my financial and healthcare decisions if, or when, I’m no longer able to make them for myself?
  • Will my physician and/or healthcare provider know which type of life-saving/sustaining treatment I’m willing to undergo, if any?
  • Who will take care of my minor children if my spouse and I were to die unexpectedly?
  • Is there an estate plan that allows me to avoid probate (which lacks privacy and is generally quite pricey) and still manage my assets while I’m living?
  • What about the dreaded estate tax?

An estate planning attorney can help individuals and couples answer these question. He can also assist with developing a plan which may meet such planning objectives as:

  • Avoiding probate;
  • Maintaining privacy;
  • Managing assets;
  • Minimizing the estate tax;
  • Maintaining control over one’s affairs;
  • Providing for family members; &
  • Contributing to charities.

Mr. Dickinson sits down with his clients and advises regarding estate planing options. He then prepares the documents that give the plan life.