Where a person disrupts the right to exclusive possession of another to his/her land by unauthorized entry, there may be a trespass to land. To prevail in claim for trespass to land, the plaintiff must show: The plaintiff owned, leased, occupied, or controlled the property; … Continue readingTRESPASS TO LAND


CRIMINAL DEFENSE: Persons under investigation or accused of crimes understand uniquely what it means to personally bear the weight of the seemingly unrelenting, intrusive, & ever-expanding government. Even positions of power, recent events show, are no barrier to the reach of zealous prosecutors. These persons … Continue readingCRIMINAL DEFENSE


ESTATE PLANNING: No one is getting out alive. So, everyone needs an estate plan. It’s our responsibility and privilege to decide what happens when we die or become incapacitated. Thinking people are asking questions like: Who will help me with my financial and healthcare decisions … Continue readingESTATE PLANNING


PROBATE: A person making a will is known as a “testator.” When the testator dies, his or her will is “probated.” This process (“probate”) is court-supervised. A judge will confer powers on the “executor” (i.e., the person named in the will to carry out the … Continue readingPROBATE