Persons under investigation or accused of crimes understand uniquely what it means to personally bear the weight of the seemingly unrelenting, intrusive, & ever-expanding government. Even positions of power, recent events show, are no barrier to the reach of zealous prosecutors.

These persons only real hope is a strong defense attorney. Using the tools available to him, the attorney can assist his client with a defense. The attorney is often the difference between victory and defeat.

The types of cases Mr. Dickinson commonly handles relate, but are not limited, to accusations for:

  • Crimes Involving Theft Or Fraud;
  • Domestic Violence Crimes;
  • “White-Collar” Crimes;
  • Assaultive Crimes;
  • Drug Crimes; &
  • Sex Crimes.

Whether it be a misdemeanor or allegations of serious felony conduct, Mr. Dickinson provides representation at each stage, from criminal investigation through trial.

Mr. Dickinson deeply cares for his clients, and works tirelessly to achieve the results they seek. In 2018, he was included in American Institute of Criminal Law Attorney’s “10 Best For Client Satisfaction.”

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