Being arrested for Driving Under The Influence (DUI) often leads persons to ask questions like:

  • What will happen to my career?
  • Will my driving privileges be suspended?
  • Will my insurance rates increase?
  • Will I be labeled a “criminal” if convicted?

These are real questions, which regular citizens (nurses, professors, and even lawyers) ask when considering the consequences of a DUI. This is where an attorney, versed in DUI defense, can make all the difference.

Mr. Dickinson proudly represents persons arrested for DUI, both in Court and before the Department of Motor Vehicles. His goals are to beat the criminal case and preserve the client’s driving privileges.

For various reasons, many experts question the science behind DUI investigations. The perception, held by many laypersons, that the government can constantly establish guilt by the methods routinely employed by law enforcement is false.

Moreover, law enforcement officials often fail to follow procedure. Such failures may be grounds for excluding evidence or obtaining impeachment material on the investigating officers. A diligent attorney will work to highlight problems in the prosecution’s case.

Mr. Dickinson is a gifted litigator. In 2016, he was named one of National Trial Lawyer’s “Top 40 Under 40.”

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