Summary Dissolution

Where the parties to a marriage or domestic partnership have been married for no more than five (5) years, they have no children, and their assets and liabilities are modest, they may utilize California’s “summary dissolution” procedure. This method is relatively straightforward and may save costs. To qualify, the marriage or domestic partnership must not be more than five years in duration, no real property may be owned by the parties (excepting short-term residential leases), the parties’ unpaid debts cannot exceed $6,000 (excepting automobile purchase balances), and the parties’ cannot have community property of $43,000 or more (and neither party may own separate property of $43,000 or more). Additionally, the parties must execute a property settlement agreement and transfer documents, and waive support and appellate rights.

This post is for informational purposes (see disclaimers). Credit is due to Rutter’s California Practice Guide- Family Law.

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